JIC 37° Adaptors


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Defined by the SAE standard, JIC 37° flare adaptors are widely applied and are among the most common and established system used in industrial tube and hose connector systems worldwide. They are regarded as the universal standard for fluid power applications in markets that use the imperial systems, mainly throughout Australasia and Northern America

The JIC fitting system consists of three pieces: adaptor body, sleeve and nut which form the complete assembly. The seal is achieved through metal-to-metal contact between the finished surface of the fitting’s 37° conical nose and the inside diameter of the flared tubing.

During assembly, the sleeve is used to evenly distribute the compressing load created on the flared end of the tube by the threading of the flare nut to the male fitting. The sleeve also extends out the back of the nut providing additional support to the assembly by lessoning any longitudinal loading on the flare.

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Main Advantages of the JIC 37° Tube Adaptor System

  • Simplicity, convenience, reliability and suitability to adapt to fixed line tubing or flexible hose
  • Assembly and re-assembly is fast and simple therefore, the system provides cost savings during installation of pipework circuits
  • The JIC 37° adaptor system provides suitable components with sufficient pressure ratings and maximum leak-tightness up to nominal pressures of 345 bar
  • Optimised design, the JIC 37° tube adaptors offer ideal flow rates, and therefore guarantee best performance without the generation of vibrations, noise or heat
  • JIC 37° tube adaptors are small and compact in design which makes them perfect for applications with space considerations
  • Common system designed to international standards and available globally
  • Flaring can accomplished by using either manual equipment or the STAUFF PRESS bench top powered flaring machine which is a highly accurate, production capable machine
  • Adaptors can be used with carbon steel and stainless steel  seamless tubes
  • Galvanised zinc surface protection