Design & Fabrication Services

Design and Drafting Services

STAUFF offers a complete design and manufacturing capability. Our experienced and highly qualified engineering team combines the technical and logistical expertise required to provide customised cost-effective system designs.

STAUFF utilises 2D & 3D design & drafting for the design of hydraulic pipework, specialist systems and equipment. Our manufacturing capabilities ensure the finished product is built strictly to customer specifications. 

STAUFF’s engineering team can either work independently throughout the development and prototyping stages or in collaboration with a project design & manufacturing team, providing specialist advice and support to achieve the most cost-effective and technically capable system designs.

Light Fabrication and Welding Services

STAUFF Technology Centre’s workshop incorporates TIG & MIG welding facilities, as well as traditional manual metallic arc methods.

Combining STAUFF’s in-house welding capabilities, machining and specialised fluid power workshop resources, we have the capability to fabricate to your requirements, including - test benches, valve stand benches, filter trolleys and additional specialised equipment.