STAUFF Form Pre-Assembly Machine


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STAUFF Form Pre-Assembly Machine

The STAUFF Form pre-assembly machine ensures time-saving, controlled production of the tube profile. The monitored process in conjunction with optimum tube guidance makes defective forming as a result of incorrect operation virtually impossible. Simple tool changes considerably contribute to reducing processing times. The clamping jaws and forming head can be replaced without tools. The clear marking of both tools prevents assembly errors due to incorrect combinations of tools and tube dimensions.

The STAUFF Form pre-assembly device can be operated wherever an electrical connection with 400 V AC/16 A/50 Hz/4.0 kW is available. The device is equipped with a forming force and is easily manoeuvered using the handle provided. Tooling is available for Steel and Stainless Steel tubes, sizes 6-42L and 6-38S.

The forming process is simply carried out using the special purpose STAUFF Form tube reshaping machine. The tube end is reshaped to a form that mates with the existing 24º core in a standard DIN2353 body. The STAUFF Form pre-assembly device is also available for hire, please consult your local Stauff office for details.