STAUFF Connect Tube Bender


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STAUFF Connect Tube Benders

The Tubobend 48 tube bender is available through our STAUFF Connect range of machinery & services. The Tubobend 48 is electronically controlled with pre-selection (8-fold) and automatic sequencing of bending angles. It also comes equipped with a digital display for desired and actual values of the respective bending angle.

There are many accessories available with the bender including; plane of bend device and length stops, chucks, pressure die, mandrel lubrication device, de-burring unit and accessory devices for cutting ring assembly, flaring or chamfering.

The Tubobend 48 is perfect for bending tube up to 50mm OD with a maximum bending radius of 150mm. It has a maximum bending speed of 20°/s and a bending accuracy of ± 0,2°.

The Tubobend 48 is mobile and flexible to use. It is suitable for single or small series production in industries such as; automotive, aviation, shipbuilding, chemical, refrigeration and air-conditioning, steel construction or machine technology and plant engineering.