Fluid Level Sight Glasses


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Fluid Level Sight Glasses

The SG and SGA Series of fluid level sight glasses are utilised as oil level indicators in oil tanks, gearboxes and general machinery. The transparent component, the high density polyamide, is impervious to oil, gasoline, lubricants, and most petroleum solvents. Technical tables of chemical resistance are available on request. Avoid contact with alcohol, ethanol, methanol, and fluids with a high concentration of glycol.

SG Series - High Density Polyamide 
Materials of construction:            Polyamide
Seal:                                            Asbestos free gasket
Max. Temperature:                     100°C
Max. Pressure:                            3 bar (43 psi)

The units are fitted with a contrast screen which gives clearer oil level indication.


  • SG-08      ½” BSPP
  • SG-12      ¾” BSPP
  • SG-16      1”  BSPP
  • SG-20      1¼” BSPP
  • SG-24      1½” BSPP

SGA Series - Aluminium Body with a Polyamide Window

Materials of construction:         Aluminium 11S body
                                                 Polyamide window
Seal:                                         Asbestos free gasket
Max. Temperature:                   100°C
Max. Pressure:                         10 bar (145 psi)

The units have a contrast screen which gives a clearer indication of the oil level.


  • SGA-08      ½” BSPP
  • SGA-12      ¾” BSPP
  • SGA-16      1”  BSPP
  • SGA-20      1¼” BSPP
  • SGA-24      1½” BSPP